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Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Litany for Bank Town (Charlotte, NC)

There is a deep spiritual crises in my town Charlotte, NC. Major U.S. banks are headquartered here. Which has led me and my friend, Rod Garvin, to buy into the nickname for Charlotte, Bank Town. The spiritual crises that I see is the normality of social/economic displacement that occurs here due to the fairly consistent layoffs of the Banks here. Recently it was reported in a local paper here that they are about to make another round of layoffs. Here is the kicker. This particular bank has reported record profits. That's just half the story. What I and my friend see is the rampant displacement of people. Like sheep without a shepherd. Layoffs and the social/economic displacement that it causes in Bank Town has inspired me to write a litany:

This day O God of mercy and justice

We bring before you all those who despair in displacement

Who feel helpless and at the mercy of social/economic forces larger than themselves

Who have no community to help them weather market-driven storms

And desire meaningful friendships, based on love not just career ambitions and utility

Deliver us from these Powers

These chains that seek to prevent us from walking in the salvation that should belong to every Child of God

Frustrate all the plans that are driven by idolatry and greed

And lead all people in Banktown to operate in love, mercy, and justice.

Grant us the power to be faithful witnesses of Your kingdom.

So be it (Amen)!


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