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Friday, April 08, 2005

Pope John Paul II

I love this past Pope. His attempt to hold a consistent "ethic of life" raised him above the fray of tired arguments between conservatives and liberals. Thus making this past Pope a complex figure. Opposes abortion, the war in Iraq, and the death penalty. And a controversial figure in his refusal to deal with radical changes (e.g. women in the clergy and priest marrying). His witness about global poverty and his chastisement of western democracies in their failure (as he perceived) to do all it could do for the poor both domestically and globally. I consider him a true Christian leader. And what Christian leader is without controversy? None that I know of. So I want to give a shot out to this past Pope and all my Catholic brothers and sisters out there. I am in mourning with you.

I hooked up a link to my man over at the Naked Church blog. He has some good comments as well.



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